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What ViewMyChain is not…

Emily Coles, 25 October 2022

We’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about what we at ViewMyChain are all about – automated chain building to help reduce the number of fall throughs and put the keys in the consumer’s hands faster.  

We give the visibility of the chain without manual intervention, often inside the agent’s CRM or the conveyancer’s case management system. 

But it has to be said just sometimes there can be a bit of confusion about how all of this new tech fits together. 

So, what are we not?

A Beautiful “Empty Vessel” Sales Progression System 

We aren’t just a beautiful desktop system sitting waiting for you to double enter your data into. We aren’t a system that merely copies your information into a lovely new format.  

Of course, our system is lovely and will have your data in it, but the advantage of ViewMyChain is that it contains additional chain links that are not already known to you – without you needing to do anything. Once it has those links it updates the status. All of this happens without your intervention. 

The Network Plumbing 

There are a couple of network businesses out there, the best known of which is probably Coadjute. We don’t compete with Coadjute; they are a network connecting nodes of information together and we are a node. Our node is the source of automated pre-built chains which can be loaded either directly or indirectly into your CRM or case management system. Coadjute is a great business who we are cheering for, and they don’t provide a service which competes with ours. 

Outsourced Sales Progression 

We don’t have our own team of sales progressors looking to replace yours. We provide information to whoever (in-house or outsourced) is progressing the sale on your behalf. Our pre-built chains tell you what to be focused on and where potential problems have or may be about to occur. There are many wonderful businesses out there (such as the excellent ASAP), but we aren’t one of them. 

A Referral Network 

We aren’t a business that makes its money referring users to conveyancing businesses. Again, absolutely nothing wrong with that as a business model, but that isn’t us. 

So, if you’d like to know more about who we are as opposed to who we aren’t, please do get in touch with Amy or call us on 0208 152 4208 and join the 1,100+ who are already on the journey with us. 


We believe our new combined solution provides us with a clear and unique advantage in the market, at a time when housebuilders require the highest level of certainty, transparency and speed throughout the sales progression stage of a transaction.
Ben Greco | Managing Director
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