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Modern marketing but 1980s sales progression

Paul Halliwell, 5 July 2019

In recent years consumers have seen major advancements in the pre-sale process. Much of it now takes place online thus enhancing the consumer’s experience, from choosing an Estate Agent to how a property is marketed and acquired.

Whilst the beginning of a home mover journey firmly embeds itself into the digital era, post-sale remains a frustratingly manual process. Once the property has joined a chain as SSTC the consumer enters what might feel like the dark ages, a far cry from what they are used to. A lack of transparency is partly to blame, meaning the burden falls on the estate agent to chase up and down the chain in an effort to gather all the necessary information.

Marketing is no longer the only service consumers expect from an Estate Agent, they want reassurance that they’re sale is going to be smooth and pain free. An incentive that rarely features as part of an agent’s pitch.

The data driven sales progression tool View My Chain can bridge the gap for agents to offer a solution for this problem and stand out from the crowd.

By tracking property chains as well as legal searches and mortgage applications, the agent view displays the entire property chain. The agent receives data driven notifications and lag alerts, highlighting potential delays earlier.

Above all it’s the consumer that benefits the most from this new technology. The dedicated consumer view of View My Chain offers a real-time online view of a property chain’s progress automatically updating as milestones are completed. Much like a sat nav using live data to calculate a journey’s duration, alerting users of potential delays and continuously updating based on current events.

For agents this mean faster completion times.

For consumers, this means greater visibility and transparency of the process. Ultimately peace of mind, becoming a deciding factor in choosing an agent to instruct.

We believe our new combined solution provides us with a clear and unique advantage in the market, at a time when housebuilders require the highest level of certainty, transparency and speed throughout the sales progression stage of a transaction.
Ben Greco | Managing Director
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