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Property Industry Focus Series: Interview with Leaders Romans Group

Emily Coles, 27 September 2022

Today is the start of our Property Industry Focus series!

In this exclusive interview, Amy Shields and Peter Kavanagh, Chief Executive Officer from Leaders Romans Group discuss the current challenges within the property industry, how things have changed, and the key frustrations for Peter’s team. Plus, the ultimate question – what could be done to help improve the overall home moving process?




Look out for more interviews coming soon as part of our Property Industry Focus series, where Amy Shields, Commercial Director here at ViewMyChain will be talking to key figures from across the property industry (and key stakeholders from within a property transaction) – seeking to understand the key challenges that are being faced and helping to identify how we can improve the home buying and selling process to create a better experience for all.


We believe our new combined solution provides us with a clear and unique advantage in the market, at a time when housebuilders require the highest level of certainty, transparency and speed throughout the sales progression stage of a transaction.
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