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View My Chain, 21 June 2021

Powerful Chain Management Software for Estate Agents: View My Chain

Make moving home a smoother process by empowering agents to accelerate completions. Delight clients by giving them the keys to their new home as quickly as possible. What is View…

How long does it actually take to complete a sale?

View My Chain, 18 November 2019

Earlier this year EMEA Matterport reported that it takes on average, six months and 24 days to purchase a home. The report looked at the entire process from searching for…

Why We Should be Speeding up Searches

View My Chain, 18 November 2019

At the beginning of this year Housing Minister Heather Wheeler reported that 80% of searches were being completed within 10 working days. This announcement was a result of increasing government…

Move with Us partners with View My Chain

View My Chain, 23 September 2019

Move with Us, part of the Simplify group and one of the leading property sales asset managers in the sector has announced a new partnership with View My Chain. View…

Modern marketing but 1980s sales progression

View My Chain, 5 July 2019

In recent years consumers have seen major advancements in the pre-sale process. Much of it now takes place online thus enhancing the consumer’s experience, from choosing an Estate Agent to…

Are Estate Agents Always to blame?

View My Chain, 27 June 2019

We don’t think that estate agents are always to blame for a sale falling through or delays. Unfortunately home movers do. Watch our presentation from The Negotiator Conference where Sohail…

Fall Throughs : A Vendor’s Perspective

View My Chain, 27 June 2019

Q. Where were you selling, and where did you want to buy? My girlfriend and I were fortunate enough to buy a one bed flat in Stoke Newington, London for…

Can View My Chain Really Help You Get Paid Quicker?

View My Chain, 21 June 2017

Ideology Consulting independently reviewed View My Chain. You can read the full review below. You’re going to have to indulge me and let me take a trip down Memory Lane… I’m…

How does View My Chain reduce completion times?

View My Chain, 17 February 2017

Wondering how we can reduce completion times by over 2 weeks? Listen to Sohail Rashid explaining how our sales progression platform is able to achieve these massive time savings for…

We believe our new combined solution provides us with a clear and unique advantage in the market, at a time when housebuilders require the highest level of certainty, transparency and speed throughout the sales progression stage of a transaction.
Ben Greco | Managing Director
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