About VMC

ViewMyChain is the UK’s only data-driven chain management tool and has been created to help radically improve the sales progression process for estate agents and sales progressors.

Combining data-led intelligence and full chain visibility, ViewMyChain brings greater efficiency, certainty, and transparency to the sales progression process, helping estate agents to achieve faster completions and fewer fall throughs.

What does it do?

ViewMyChain provides users with clear oversight of progress for every property and milestone in the chain with minimal manual entry.

Key features include:

 Full visibility of the chain
 Pre-populated automatic chain links
 Data-driven milestone updates
 Fall through alerts
 Delays highlighted within the chain

This enables estate agents and sales progressors to realise the following benefits:

 Save time by not having to chase for updates
 Reduce fall throughs by identifying potential issues and resolving them quickly
 Close more sales by managing client expectations with accurate, timely updates
 Shorten transaction times by weeks by focusing effort where it’s needed most

How does it work?

ViewMyChain is powered by trusted data partners from across the property industry, together with the ViewMyChain user community. The ViewMyChain technology utilises data from strategic data partners to build and update chains, and to update associated milestones. This enables estate agents and the rest of the property market to stay up to date and effectively manage their chains.

How do I find out more?

ViewMyChain is available via leading CRM providers including Reapit and DezRez, via API integration, or using our WebApp.
To learn more about ViewMyChain, the best option for your business and the benefits which it can deliver, please click here.