About ViewMyChain

The property buying process in the UK can be daunting and often, inefficient. And despite the dedication of many hard working professionals, transactions take months and have an unacceptably high risk of falling through. The system as a whole is failing to deliver a satisfactory experience for home buyers, and often has an unavoidable impact on the perceived competency levels and trust in estate agencies.

Our Solution

ViewMyChain was founded to tackle this broken process head-on. Formed by a group of professionals with significant experience in property transactions, property data and software development, ViewMyChain has pioneered a ground-breaking yet remarkably straightforward solution that brings order to the chaos.  

Using data from a range of reliable data partners - who all share our goal of facilitating faster and more certain residential property transactions - our software automatically maps the landscape of home-moving chains. Delivering the full chain view for all related properties.  

In collaboration with the likes of Connells Group, Simplify, ONP, Rebricks, Houseful, Landmark, and Groundsure we've created a view of the chain landscape that empowers property professionals with deeper insights into the transactions. All of which saves a significant volume of time, speeds up transactions, and improves certainty for their customers. 

Now, Not Later

The ViewMyChain solution doesn’t require new data standards or for an agency to agree to pass their data over a new data network or via the blockchain. It works, here and now, with many of the tools that estate agents already have in their technology tool box including Reapit, Alto, and DezRez. It’s also available via API for any platform wishing to absorb the chain data. 

Our Vision

We're not just waiting for the world to change; we're actively shaping it. Our approach has been recognised for its immediacy and effectiveness, offering solutions today, not tomorrow.  

If you’d like to join the over one thousand agent branches who have access to ViewMyChain today, feel free to contact us for a demo -  click here.